Everything about citerka

    “Citerka” means “little zither” in English. Zither was once very popular instrument in Central Europe, almost every family in every town had at least one and many many people played it. We hope many many children can play our citerka in the near future :-).

    Why do we work on spreading this very instrument for kids? A few years ago, Kamila Zenklová, who sells it and who writes all the sheet music for it, was trying to find a suitable musical instrument for her daughter. Something easy to play, with no need of difficult technique, so that the kid could play it without any help, lightweight, so that the child could carry it easily wherever she or he wants, and, last but not least, with tonal range suitable for little children of the preschool age to sing along with. Citerka meets all these requirements and what's the best, kids love it. This is why Kamila started to work on spreading it among all the children we can reach :-).

    Since we live and work in the Czech Republic, most of our materials are in Czech. Other languages will follow.

    By now, you can buy these (please, note, that the stated ages are not exact, take them only as indicative):

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